Dr Dora is performing liposuction with many types of machines according to the needs of each candidate. She strongly believes in customization and unique planning of each person according to the skin type, current body weight expectation and of course post-surgical lifestyle preference and target.

She specializes in EUROMI, VASER, ACCUSCULPT, BODYJET and SAFE liposuction techniques as well as 3D and 4D body contouring and liposculpuring.

Liposuction for torso (abdomen, flanks and upper and lower back) is becoming very popular nowadays not only for people that are interested in removing the excess fat but also for fit people as well. If you want to improve your shape and contouring or to highlight your abdominal muscles or even to enhance an “hourglass” figure right away then Liposuction is the ideal surgery in order to achieve that.

Combining VASER and JPLASMA technologies Dr Dora achieves the maximum skin tightening effect without incorporating any additional scars on the skin.

United Aram Emirates Plastic Surgeon

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By your first consultation you will receive a customized plan made specifically for you in order to achieve your target body transformation goals.