breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Different types of Breast Augmentation

Implant augmentation: Breast augmentation with implants is surgery performed not only to increase breast size but also to enhance breast shape. It involves inserting cohesive silicone gel breast implants under breast gland or even chest muscles. Dr Evangelidou uses special implants that are proven to have the most benefit for each of her patients.

Augmentation with Fat transfer: Breast augmentation with Fat transfer is an ideal way of enhancing the breast shape and size for those who would rather prefer a totally natural enhancement that looks and fells more like the real breast. Dr Evangelidou uses fat harvested from tummy, hips, thigh or back transforming in this way the unwanted fat to useful breast augmentation tool.

Hybrid Surgery: Latest trend among breast augmentation techniques. It combines both fat (lipofilling) and silicone gel implant placement. In this way Dr Evangelidou creates the most beautiful shape while maintaining the most natural looks and feel of the enhanced breasts.

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